We help to take first steps in the professional career.

For many years our Legal Office has been contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in various fields of law among law students and graduates by enabling them to pursue traineeships under its guidance.

Throughout the whole calendar year, we organize traineeships, which are destined for ambitious and outstanding law students and graduates. During these traineeships they gain practical legal skills by working with experienced lawyers.

In the course of a traineeship in our Legal Office, the trainees learn among other things: to prepare pleadings and legal opinions, to draw up commercial contracts and to prepare various papers and applications for public and local-government offices. The trainees familiarize themselves with rules of office work and use of office equipment.

Our trainees successfully pass exams at the university level. The knowledge and the experience gained in the course of a traineeship in our Legal Office reverberate when they take apprenticeship entry exams destined for various legal professions, and are also helpful in the course of applying for a job.

It has not been uncommon for our trainees to become our employees who cooperate with us until today.

Those who are interested in pursuing a traineeship in our Legal Office are encouraged to send their CV and provide information about the traineeships they have completed, possible professional experience, the level of their law education, their computer skills and their mastery of foreign languages.

The aforementioned information is to be sent by