About the Legal Office

Many years of experience combined with our employees’ vast and permanently deepened guarantees our services to be, above all, professional and reliable. Thanks to that, we have become one of the best legal advisers offices in Lower Silesia and in Poland.

The Legal Office was founded on 16th of September 1991 by the legal adviser Violetta Anweiler and the legal adviser Piotr Dębski. The name of the Legal Office was CASUS Legal Office civil law partnership. From the very beginnings of the Legal Office, its registered seat was situated in Wrocław – the capital of Lower Silesia.

In 1994, the legal adviser Eleonora Szantyr became a partner of the Legal Office

In 2001, the Legal Office changed its current name to V.Anweiler, P.Dębski, E.Szantyr Legal Advisers Office CASUS civil law partnership. This name of the Legal Office remained unchanged until 2008, however, its legal and organizational form was changed in 2002. The Legal Office underwent a transformation from a civil law partnership into a registered partnership.

After new partners, the legal adviser Magdalena Kotulla and the legal adviser Krzysztof Kwaśniewicz, had entered the company, and due to the necessity to distinct the name of the Legal Office from other companies on the market of legal services its name was changed in 2008 into V.Anweiler, P.Dębski, E.Szantyr and Partners Legal Advisers Office CASUS IURIS registered company.

In 2016, the Legal Office celebrated the 25th anniversary of its existence.

21st of July 2012, one of the members of the partnership, the legal adviser Eleonora Szantyr, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Due to her death, the Legal Office lost not only a partner but also an outstanding specialist.

Since March 2014, the Legal Office functions under the name of V.Anweiler, P.Dębski, M.Kotulla, K.Kwaśniewicz Legal Advisers Office CASUS IURIS registered company.

As of 31 December 2015, legal adviser Piotr Dębski, the co-founder of the Legal Office, went into retirement and stopped to be its partner. However, he remains to be a part of the Law Office by supporting it with his knowledge and experience.